Pond Clean Out

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Cleaning Out Your Pond

As time passes, your pond will naturally collect sediments, silts, sediments, and other matter that can cause issues to the pond and pond accessories.

After a while, harmful bacteria can cause build up of unwanted diseases and parasites. If you have fish in your pond, it is crucial to keep the pond in great shape. 

RockStar Aquatics can help clean out your water features to make them look like new again. Call us today for a complimentary pond clean out quote.

Draining the Pond

  • RockStar Aquatics will drain the water from the pond and will safely move fish (if applicable)

Cleaning Process

  • The pond will be cleaned as well as the filters, a parts flush, and any other features that need to be cleaned.

Refilling & Treatment

  • We will refill the pond with treated water and will properly reintroduce fish (if applicable)

Pond Cleanout Checklist

  • We will drain the pond and will carefully relocate the fish (if applicable) into a gal portable pond.
  • Pressure wash all rocks that are a part of the pond design whether inside or outside of the water.
  • Hand pick all leaves and debris in the bottom of the pond.
  • Drain all water in the skimmer box and remove all debris in the bottom as well as clean the pump face plate, skimmer net and filter.
  • Remove all and wash all filters and rocks/media from the bio falls, and clean out the inside of the bio falls box.
  • Re-introduce new live beneficial bacteria into the pond as well as algecide if needed.
  • To insure that your fish live through the process we will always save some of your water in our portable pond to put back in the pond if you have fish and the rest will be filled with your garden hose. The health and safety of your fish are our number 1 priority during a cleanout. We handle them with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Installation of your pump if you have stored it inside for the winter.
  • Recovering any bare spots where liner is showing with your rocks.
  • We also usually carry river rocks and pea gravel on our trailer so if the bottom of your pond or stream is looking bare we can add fresh rocks for you during the cleanout.
  • We carry lots of different pond products in our trailer for sale such as algacide, beneficial bacteria, filters, skimmer box nets, autofills, aerators and led aquatic lights.
  • If your pond does not have fish we will leave the filling of the pond up to you after we leave. If it does have fish we will put in the whatever amount of water we have saved of yours and the rest of the water can be filled by you.
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