Installation Services

 For ponds & Waterfalls in Denver, CO

gazebo by pond and waterfall

Installing Your Water Features

Rockstar Aquatics is happy to help customers build out the backyard of their dreams. Whether you are looking for a beautiful pond, waterfall, or fountain, our team has you covered. We have been installing water features for many years and can help you get the job done.

Feel free to give our team a call if you are looking for a new pond, waterfall, or a complete water feature rebuild in the greater Denver, CO area. 

Waterfall Installation

  • We can help you build a waterfall that gives you a peaceful running water sound throughout the day.

Pond Installation

  • Our team will excavate the perfect size pond based on your vision and requirements.

Fountain Installs

  • Our team will excavate the perfect size pond based on your vision and requirements.


  • We have helped many homeowners rejuvenate an existing pond that wasn’t built well originally

Landscaping & Design

The first step of building a pond or waterfall is designing the perfect backyard. We will sit down to review your goals and we are happy to give recommendations on how the pond can look with different aquatic landscaping options that are available. We will help transform your property into the dream backyard you have envisioned.

Water Feature Construction

Rockstar Aquatics will use high quality equipment and a team of seasoned contractors to excavate and build the ponds. We are Aquascape certified and have the proper credentials that show our experience in this type of construction. Our team has built many water falls for homeowners in the Denver, CO area, including pondless waterfalls.

Pond Rebuilds

Many pond contractors build water features quickly without the experience needed for a great looking outcome long-term. Our team specializes in pond rebuilds because we have the experience to increase the longevity of a pond and waterfall while keeping the beauty long-lasting as well. Give our team a call if you have a pond or waterfall that needs to be fixed or rejuvenated.

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