Maintenance Service

 For ponds & Waterfalls in Denver, CO

aquatic landscaped pond

Maintaining Your Water Features

Pond maintenance is a crucial task to continually complete in order to have a pond that is operating correctly. Our team is able to help with this important job so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful backyard view.



  • We will service your water features every other month to ensure you have the minimum recommended maintenance.


  • Our team will regularly maintain your pond and/or waterfall to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.


  • Your equipment will be serviced at the highest level so you can have peace of mind that your pond and waterfall is operating as best as it can.

Maintenance Fees

Our team can come out monthly ($150/month) to service your pond, pumps, and filtration systems. We also have the option to service your pond and waterfalls twice a month ($269/month) to ensure your pond has the best maintenance possible. For customers that have a smaller pond or less parts to maintain, we offer a bi-monthly service ($75 month) to maintain the water features.

Maintenance Contract

Please view our maintenance contract by clicking on the following link: Maintenance Contract

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